YoungTAG Youth Group: Creating a Space for Young Teachers

What is YoungTAG?

In recent months, you may have come across the name ‘YoungTAG’ in the PTU News and other promotions. Or when you flip though columns or feeds on Facebook, you may also find the content of YoungTAG. But many teachers were wondering what YoungTAG is? What does TAG stand for?

YoungTAG is a young teachers’ group of the HKPTU and TAG is short for Teacher Activities Group. We all know that ‘TAG’ is a means in connecting people with common interests on Facebook and Instagram. It also represents a young and new way of thinking. The name reflects the objectives of YoungTAG: young, fresh way of thinking, and communication and collaborations between young teachers.

At present, YoungTAG is organised by a group of young teachers of the HKPTU. We wish to focus on serving our young teachers, at the same time strengthening the communication and friendship between them. Besides young teachers, we also welcome teacher-training programme students. This includes promoting YoungTAG in EdUHK with the hope of providing more space for communication and professional development.

Target the Needs of Young Teachers

YoungTAG has its own logo which is a battery. It is in an energetic colour of orange rather than green usually used  by the HKPTU. Using Facebook and Instagram as major promotion channels, this is to be close to the life of young teachers. From September till now, YoungTAG pushed forward its first series of programmes that covered the areas in the rights at work, professional development, recreational activities and social concern.

For example, in the areas of workplace rights and professional development, as soon as you register to be a member of YoungTAG, you will have a copy of the “Handbook on Teachers’ Rights” to allow you to receive a better understanding on your rights as a teacher. The group also organised interview workshops and mock interviews for teacher-training programme students for their preparation on job seeking.

In terms of recreation and social concern, the group organised a class on making leather goods for members to make coin bags of their own. It also organised a baking class to allow teachers to bake tasty Christmas ginger bread houses from scratch. The Christmas party in December gave a space for teachers to relax on a Friday night. It also provided an opportunity for teachers to gather, get to know each others and have fun. YoungTAG has also joined the Little Angel Volunteers Training Programme to give the opportunity to those who are interested in volunteering in their spare time to become letter-replying volunteers in supporting the growth of students.

Activities highlight

Rights at Work

  • Distribute the “Handbook on Teachers’ Rights”,
    A talk on the rights of contracted teachers

Professional development

  • Interview workshop, Professional development programme

Recreational activities

  • Baking class, Leather goods making, Nature cycling tour, Christmas party

Social concern

  • Little Angel Volunteers Training Programme

For the activities organised in the past, most of them were still at the stage of searching. Some were smoothly conducted while the others did not. After all, we are still hoping to provide more suitable activities for all young teachers and teacher-training programme students.

Future Activities and Plans

Currently YoungTAG is organising activities for the new academic term. Please stay tuned if you are interested in joining! Now the group is discussing on a 3-month long professional development programme with a few senior teachers which the participants will be led by them in small groups. The programme aims at facilitating the communication and raising the professional standards of teacher-training programme students and young teachers.

On 15 January, YoungTAG will host the ‘Free photography in Dragon’s Back’ which will be led by mountaineering coaches and photography teachers. Participants may do photography and hiking at the same time at Dragon’s Back. The group is planning to organise another nature cycling tour again in the future to provide teachers an escape from their routine and expand their life.

From April to the summer holiday, YoungTAG will organise a series of courses on job seeking and professional development. Please follow our Facebook page and Instagram for the latest information.

A Space for Young Teachers

YoungTAG was only established not long ago. We wish to satisfy the different needs in professional development and recreation of our young teachers. If you have a better idea, something you want to try, or other recommendations, please message us on Facebook or email to us. We will try our best to have them implemented for you.

If you have some spare time and would like to organise activities with a group of young people, please join our organising team.